Human Resource Payroll (HRP)

HR Payroll Software in Haryana

Human Resource and Payroll is an automated and integrated software product designed specifically to manage the complex Human Resource activities involved in an organization. It is a tool, which takes care of the entire Human Capital Management of the company. It helps in automating all the HRMS functions like staffing, tests, induction, training, appraisals, attendance and leave management, payroll, and communication with candidates and employees etc.


Get all the employee information on your fingertips. You can query on details like the employee name, address, telephone numbers, email address, branch, department, designation, qualifications, experience, birth date, marital status, blood group, allergies, serious illnesses, and other emergency information. So when you want a particular work done, you know exactly whom to get in touch with, in seconds. It can generate HR & Payroll MIS reports; to keep it simple it has approx. 150 reports that can be easily generated. It has a powerful search engine and report designers in all the modules to be able to create any number of reports.


Managing employee attendance is easy since any report can be made in to a MDB file or a text file. These files can then be imported in to spreadsheets for graphical reports and analysis. Overtime and benefits can be easily calculated. Late comings or early goings can be calculated in the salary.


Customize appraisals to each position any time whenever required. Solution will cut down the time taken for appraisals and save on printing and courier costs. Weightages too can be assigned with the KRA and the recommendations can help in identifying the hotshot professional.


Employees can see their leaves status and apply online. Leave authorization can be done online. Attendance entry and shift details are totally automated. Manual calculation of leaves is no longer required. All you have to do is to enter from date and to date for the leave taken, and whether it is CL, SL etc. HRP will automatically calculate opening balance of the different types of leaves due at the beginning of the period.


Payroll process in easy steps and quite in-depth and capable of handling any kind of complicated conditions. TDS calculation very accurate and in compliance with the statutory requirements. It calculates increments, arrears and all Payroll and Statutory reports like salary slip, salary register; IT Estimation report, Form 16, e-Form 24 Q, PF / PT / ESIC related reports etc. can also be generated.

Key Benefits:

• HR & Payroll software, completely web based, thereby giving tremendous cost benefits. Thus there is no headache on client PCs. No reloading of exes when the package is updated
• The Employee / Manager self-service available from just 1 main page, thereby making the task of approvals quite fast without bothering to go into multiple pages
• Security features, over 20 important features making your system quite secure including a powerful audit trail.
• All statutory reports and challans of PF, ESIC, Income tax available with E-TDS integration, all available and fully integrated with e-TDS
• PF Trust, superannuating and gratuity management
• Claim management, very complicated issues of exempted and carry forward able claim heads based on monthly & yearly calculations can be easily done
• Salary processing steps, in very easy 3 steps as it is highly automated.
• MIS highly automated