MLM Software (Multi Level Marketing)

Multi-Level Marketing is a sales system under which the salesperson receives a commission on his or her own sales and a smaller commission on the sales from each person he or she convinces to become a salesperson.

Soft Solutions developed MLM Software based on Network Marketing Industry. We are the leading MLM Software development company in Haryana located in Janakpuri, Haryana. We have been developed & implemented two types of Plans in our software 1) Matrix & 2) Binary. We have done more than 100 installations in a year. Our Software is fully dynamic nothing need to update at server side. We have provided all the setting options in our admin & client login panel side.

Major Features include:

  • Complete online software developed in ASP.NET & SQL Server
  • Online Registration & joining of Members
  • Master of Location, Products/ Service Master
  • Invoicing
  • E-Pin Random Generation
  • Payout Generation
  • Income Analysis
  • Re-Purchasing
  • Integrated with E-Commerce Solutions
  • Other MIS Reports
  • Bank or other third party payment gateway integration
  • Email & SMS Alerts

Soft Solutions is able to play a more vital role to choose the achievement rate of your industry than our MLM software. If your MLM Corporation is showing a liberal of promises opportunity then the MLM Software is the life line of it. In order to avail cost effective, 100% exact results it is essential to obtain beneficial with fully integrated software from our company.

We all know that there are little high-quality MLM software offers existing in the market. Then what are the vital reasons due to which you should choose the services of best MLM Software in Haryana? Well, Soft Solutions software features are not just far superior rather than others but too available at the most reasonable prices.

Some of the very important components that make our MLM Software an inevitable option and also will make your Multi-Level Marketing industry a magnificent success comprise are listed below

Important Components:

• Web Hosting
• Domain Name
• Admin Panel
• Payment Gateway Integration
• Repurchasing

Several additional features:

• Voucher
• Cheque Printing
• Product Details
• Payout Reports
• SMS Integration
• E-Pin