" Jewellery Management system "

Soft Solutions Jewelry Software in Haryana. Soft Solutions Jewelry Software maintains the customer’s ledgers manually in which there are chances of human mistakes which may guide to loss in their business. It’s difficult to remember the customer’s history if jeweler has got any order or complete any repairing or any modifications works. Thus Soft Solutions has designed Jewelry Software for retail or wholesale business. Our Jewelry software, inventory of customers can be easily maintain; Jewelers be capable for check to all previous history of the customer if he have made any changes or repair work as it helps in tracking the trade. Soft Solutions jewelry Software is able to maintaining diverse inventories for valuable metal or stones yet there is a regulations in which jeweler be capable of set special cost values for different customers, metals or stones which he can update with just pressing an key while billing which assist in save the waste of time. In Soft Solutions Jewelry Software get all necessary required features in jewelry business.

Soft Solutions offer Jewellery Management System is one of our leading software for complete management of Jewelley Shop/ Showroom; it can manage the Inventory, Sale & Purchase and accounts excellently. Our Software provides all kinds of record keeping features like day books inventory, daily business book.

  • Easy to Install, Easy to Use.
  • Affordable.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Exceptional Service & Support.

Salient Features

  • Live Stock Management.
  • Purchase Management.
  • Order and Repair Management.
  • Sale, Estimate & Approval Voucher Creation.
  • Jewelley Evaluation Module.
  • Gold and Diamond Tag Generation.
  • Gold and Diamond Export Management.
  • Front Desk System.
  • Database Backup and Restore Facility.
  • Fully Secure System.

MIS Reports

  • Available, Sale, Approval and Export Item Status list.
  • Complete Stock Status list.
  • Gold and Diamond Tag Generation.
  • Sale, Estimate and Approval voucher Generation.
  • Customer Credit/Debit Balance Report.
  • Most Demanding Item List.
  • Selling Item List.
  • Ledger Report.
  • Day Book.