" Hotel Management system "

We offer "Hotel Reservation Management System" is one of the leading software for complete management of Hotel; it can manage the reception, restaurant, inventory and accounts excellently. The hotel reservation & management system provides all kinds of record keeping feature required in a hotel like day books, daily business book.

  • It is very Easy to Install, Easy to Use.
  • Affordable.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Exceptional Service & Support.

Salient Features

  • Complete and automatic operating of reception (Check-in ->Check-out).
  • Hotel Billing System
  • Store management.
  • Restaurant Management.
  • Preparing KOT's (Kitchen Order Transactions) reports.
  • Complete history of visitors at your hotel.
  • Preparation of visitor's bill.
  • Up to date account manager with all accounting needs.
  • Maintaining the inventory.
  • Daily Occupancy Chart Generation.
  • Room Reservation Facility.
  • Room Maintenance Facility.